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Friday, May 8, 2015

My Dream for Myself

There has been a long standing dream, a sort of fantasy if you will call it... A place in which the world is full of people living their dreams.. Now this is very Utopian, and has a lot of flaws in reality. I get that. But here my dream for myself wishes to see a good bunch of those people to reach some state of Blissful happiness. At least for the ones that are close to my heart! But for the world to see.. this below is my Dream for myself..

I have a dream for myself,
To be up there in the skies flying high.

Not alone,

Not after saying goodbye,
But after asking everyone Why!

Why they don’t follow their dreams,
Why they forget it along the way.

Why they don’t share it unless asked,
Why they let it fly away, that fast.

I want to ask why, and make sure they fly,
Cuz my dream is to see everyone up high.

My loved ones first, all the way along,
And  then the ones who are a part of my life's song.

Once done if possible, I will take flight,
And a few more I will take, based on who’s in sight.

All this I do for a reason so selfish,
And just so you know, below is my wish.

So that when I soar, I know for sure,
A lot of love, awaits me and more.

A lot of love to give and store,
So selfish am I and that is my core.

So help me, to be less of a bore,
And let me see life as a glass with liquid left to pour.

Hope you all liked it..

Thursday, May 7, 2015

To the Love of My Life

A Poem, is a very crisp and concise way to express oneself... In light of that, I managed to write what I call a Poem... And it is written to someone I look upto... Someone I admire... and Someone I very deeply love... Where she is I know not for sure.. ut for now, this one is for her...

There is a girl who I O so love,
She really is a Turtle Dove.
A Turtle dove with a slight difference,
One with flair and a more Rugged preference...

She's the best of oth worlds, a wonderful combination,
A bit uncanny, but a marvel in creation.
One look in her face, and you know her so well,
Very shy and afraid, though she won't tell.

Yet above her fear she comes out strong,
Knowing full well that she can brave another storm.
So full of courage and so very brave,
Despite all the dark, she is like a light in a cave.

A player she is, so full of Passion,
joy with no bounds, she spreads in what fashion!

And because of that, she has so many a friend,..
Each and everyone she knows so well.
Yet inside it seems, she feels somewhat amiss,
Because there are not many who know her as she is.

She is very much and a lot like me,
But there are a few differences you see.
I am also too afraid and shy,
But I lack the courage & bravery to rise as high.

I hope someday, I can e her friend,
One who knows her, and be with at life's bends.
Someday she'll know what I wanted to say,
I just hope that I'm still around that day.

Hopefully I will e posting more frequently... with a few more poems as the times go by!!... Will wait for any comments, if any...